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New Release: CP1 Records "No Getting Over You" (7/7/17)

#NewMusic by CP1 Records "No Getting Over You"
OUT NOW!!! Release Date: 07/07/2017 Stores: iTunes | Apple Music Spotify | Google Play | AmazonMusic | YouTube | SoundCloud and All Online Stores... 

This is a pop/ dancehall track that carries a tropicalhouse, edm vibes, that you would expect to be a hit in Latin America as well as Europe.  Definitely a great vibes and a song to look out for this summer 2017.
CP1 Recods Label:

 #Reggae #Dancehall #Riddim #tropicalhouse #reggaeton #edm #dancemusic #afrobeats

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6 Things Young Music Producers Should Do: Music Business 101

6 Things every young music producer should do to make money and kick start their career.
Assuming you have a basic home studio set-up and some experience as a producer, the first 3 things (1-3) you can do straight out the gate and start earning.

From (4-6) and the Bonus (7-8) are also doable but will be more technical and will need a little more business expertise and organisational skills but should not be too difficult.

1 Beats and Instrumentals

Buy Beats and
Example of Beat Store: 

Set up a quick and simple website to sell beats.
You can pay to get a website design and developed or if you have the know how you can do it yourself.
There are also lot of free website and blogs available if you are not in the position to pay for one yet and don't have the know how. see>

Install a beat player with playlist and store features 
Having a playlist and online store features will allow your customers to listen your beats and make purchases. see> myFlashStore

2 Recording Service

Having a small to medium size recording studio is always a plus for any music creator, but you can earn a steady stream of income by selling studio time. All you have to do is becoming familiar with the recording process and offer this as a service where you records vocals and charging per hour.

In London and need to record Vocal or Voice Over?
Call: +44 75341 99988

3 Rent Out Studio Rehearsal Space

If you have an extra room or a good space in your studio just add this to your list of services to generate that extra income. you can charge artist to use the space either for:

  1. practicing/rehearsal their music
  2. getting ready a performance
  3. hire it out for a photo shoot or
  4. you can record the practice/rehearsal audio as another service.

4 Mixing Service

This can be offered in studio and online and is a service that will also bring in a good steady income, because after recording their song/s artists will need the song/s to be mixed. Mixing starts after the recording process and normally also includes the editing process. 

Artist can send song/s or audio files for  mixing online from anywhere in the world using  FTP server, Dropbox or Wetransfer.

Get Mixing Now:

5 Mastering Service

Mastering is essentially the process of applying the proper and necessary techniques to a final mix.
You don't have to own a high-end mastering studio to offer high-end audio, just have the knowledge and experience in master and let it be known that its a basic digital mastering in the box; where you process audio into an industry standard commercial format that will improve the clarity, definition, and depth of your recording.

This can also be offered in studio and online. 
Artist can send song/s or audio files for mastering online from anywhere in the world using  FTP server, Dropbox or Wetransfer.

Get Mastering Now:

6 Release Music For Artists

Releasing music will mean that you are running some form of label service, so our advice to you is before doing any music business, make sure you put together your contractual agreements with yourself and the artists.

If you are going to be releasing music for artists you should have in-place at least one distributor where the music is going to be sold or a place where you can sell the music to the audience.

Don't have distribution in place? don't worry, nowadays you can easily send your music to various online store like iTunes and Spotify using aggregators. we recommend> TuneCore

This is a good way to start out if you are interested in building your own record label.

Get Label Services Now:

Bonus 7 Career Development

Creative Career Development
Developing an artist takes a lot of not only your time but also your energy, so if you are going to go down this road be certain you are ready to invest that extra time, energy and sometimes money. By investing you are creating a great way to earn future incomes from an artist.

Producers almost always start out with at least one person who they help to develop as an artist and their careers usually grow together in the industry. Meaning as one gets bigger so does the other.
It it wise to have a written contract from the get go so there is no confusion (about rights or finance) when careers start to take of and the checks start to role in.

Bonus 8 Artist Management and Booking Service

This is another great way to earn an income, where you do a bit of admin work managing artists career and dealing with the bookings and if you have a few artists that are in demand and willing to do the work then you will reap the reward.

  • Again always have a contractual agreement in place before doing any sort of music business.

  • All the above services you can offer will take a bit of work to put together and will need promoting to get up and running.

Thanks for reading and please let us know what you think about our list.

You can now contact us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.
Feel free to share your comments below


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