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New Release: CP1 Records "No Getting Over You" (7/7/17)

#NewMusic by CP1 Records "No Getting Over You"
OUT NOW!!! Release Date: 07/07/2017 Stores: iTunes | Apple Music Spotify | Google Play | AmazonMusic | YouTube | SoundCloud and All Online Stores... 

This is a pop/ dancehall track that carries a tropicalhouse, edm vibes, that you would expect to be a hit in Latin America as well as Europe.  Definitely a great vibes and a song to look out for this summer 2017.
CP1 Recods Label:

 #Reggae #Dancehall #Riddim #tropicalhouse #reggaeton #edm #dancemusic #afrobeats

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How To Produce A Hit Dancehall Riddim - [VIDEO]

Quick note before we get into it: I didn't went into too many details, this is only an overview of how I might put together a quick riddim.
For this demonstration I kept the overall production simple, and I also produced it within protools.

About Dancehall
If you know about producing music you will know certain instrumentations, sounds and patterns dictate what is known as genres.
In dancehall the drums and the bass together form the overall structure and backbone of the song as it is in most dance music. All other instruments sort of take a secondary place or plays a supportive role.

This took me 45 minutes to an hour to choose and put the instruments together then play them in the dancehall style. It Took another hour to mix the various sounds to how I want them to sound.

When Producing dancehall a basic chord progression will be added to the riddim, from which all the melodies will derive. The melodies are usually left out of the production process until we get the a…

Is Hip Hop Loosing it’s Creativity?

Hip-hop has always been using beats/intrumentals and vocal sample from Reggae and Dancehall as well as collaborating with the Jamaican artists over the years, in fact hip-hop is an offspring of Jamaican music techniques ever since Jamaican-born Kool Herc brought the sound system culture to the bronx. A main example of Jamaican music techniques is: Toasting. Which is Rapping/MCing or Talking over the beat.

But more recently we are seeing a new surge of Dancehall music in the forefront of the music scenes and popping in up in the dance, pop and hip-hop charts world. But hip-hop seem to be the leading genre that is using or borrowing from dancehall at the moment, which bring forth the questions: Is Hip Hop Loosing it’s Creativity? and Does it Need to be Rejuvenated with the refreshing sounds that Dancehall music carries?

Without a shadow of a doubt the hot genre of the moment is "Tropical House", which at its core is essentially dancehall, it has been said that it is being called…

6 Things Young Music Producers Should Do: Music Business 101

6 Things every young music producer should do to make money and kick start their career. Assuming you have a basic home studio set-up and some experience as a producer, the first 3 things (1-3) you can do straight out the gate and start earning.

From (4-6) and the Bonus (7-8) are also doable but will be more technical and will need a little more business expertise and organisational skills but should not be too difficult.

1 Beats and Instrumentals

Buy Beats and
Example of Beat Store: 
Set up a quick and simple website to sell beats.
You can pay to get a website design and developed or if you have the know how you can do it yourself.
There are also lot of free website and blogs available if you are not in the position to pay for one yet and don't have the know how. see>

Install a beat player with playlist and store features
Having a playlist and online store features will allow your customers to listen your beats and make purchases. see> myFla…

Lets Get Interacting on Social Media!

I want to get a little more personal with my readers and social media followers so lets get interacting...

Want you to get in touch and don't be afraid to ask me any question you like music or personal.

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Music #HashTags That Get Attention

About #Hashtags 
a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic.

Weather you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. you will see hashtags you can't escape them this is because you can use hashtags to contribute to industry conversations.
Meaning hashtags can even create a trends and highlight what is current on social media and in the world. As a musicians you should use them too to share your material as well as to get noticed.

Here are some #MusicHashtags that works:
#newmusic #studiolife #studioflow #studio #studiotime #music #vocals #homestudio
#mastering #engineer #producer #composer
#sounddesigner #artist #latenight #inspiration
#musicproduction #imac #cubase #reason
#logicpro #protools #song #musicislife
#independent #recordlabel #beats

Here are some trendy #MusicHashtags :

Music Business Hash Tags:
#musicbiz #musicbusiness #musicindustr…

5 Essential Components for Your Home Studio

Are you planning of setting up your home studio?Setting up a studio at home at first may seem like something only an expert can do, but it can be quite simple if you have the know-how and this blog is about to give you just that.
If you are just starting out start with the basics that you need to get the job done, you do not buy expensive equipments yet; just the essentials.You can produce, record, edit, manipulate and mix in a lines room in your house using just a few basic equipments.

1 Computer Set or LaptopFirst on the component list is a computer or laptop. Use whichever that is available or that suits you best.Also make note of the specifications as this is important when buying your DAW. A good amount of memory is always useful as audio recording can quickly take up a lot of space.
2 Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
DAW is an essential program you need to record, edit, mix, and master your music. A digital audio workstation (D.A.W.) is an electronic device or computer software appli…

The Best Audio Services In London: Awe-Inspiring Examples [Video]

Here at CP1 we try to be flexible with the audio services we offer, from recording vocals and voice over to producing music and and writing film scores. If its to do with sound we do it.
Music and Sound Design Examples:

6 Reasons To Use Our Services Today: Quality Audio/ MusicEquipmentsAffordable PricesFriendly Experience EngineerComfortable Creative SpaceGreat AtmosphereOur audio services are available 24/7 via CP1RECORDS.COMDon’t Waste a Moment looking for another recording studio/ services.
Come along and join us at CP1 Records studio and make your project a reality.
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