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Is Dancehall Taking Over The Pop Charts?

There is a new wave of Dancehall music that seems to be taking over the pop charts world wide, but what is this new wave? and why is there an increase in demand for this kind of dancehall music?

The truth is nothing is new about this type of music really, the only thing that is different is the marketing of the genre and rebranding it as "Topical House".

Another factor that may answer the question of why the increase in demand for dancehall music is the fact that various international artists are using dancehall music, artists such as Drake, Rihanna, and Beyonce have recently released these dancehall style music.

Dancehall music is indigenous to Jamaica and has been popular since the 70s it has also been a hit international over the years and with artists likes of Shabba, Shaggy and Sean Paul to name a few.

This new surge of dancehall looks like it will only increase the popularity of the offspring of reggae and secure the genre at a higher level amongst other genres; which will be great for the Jamaican dancehall artists and Jamaican music industry.

Listen here for example:

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